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ok, I think I understand what you're saying... but I think you get the same effect by simply making a bigger rotor? and I could just turn my coils around so I could still use the north poles....

though your idea is interesting... having the coils on the inside of the rotor might have an effect because of the different interactions with the magnets and the coils... not sure what the effect would be though

for example if I made my three coil motor like you said and use the same number of magnets (6) then when the north of the coils is repelling the north of the magnets on the rotor, the south pole of the coil's pulse might repel the south pole of the magnet on the opposite side of the rotor thus adding torque...

I've been thinking of a way to utilise both the north and south pole of the coils using a double rotor but haven't got enough materials to build it yet!
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