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Originally Posted by John_K View Post

Tuning to the ratio of highest RPM for the lowest amp draw will get you in the ball park. #4 looks to be about the best. You need to get a 1Kohm pot and slowly adjust it from high ohms to low, whilst keeping an eye on the RPM and the amp draw. Once you have found the "sweet spot" replace the pot with a fixed resistor of the same value.

The purpose of the bulb is to "servo" the SSG to keep it in tune as the impedance of the battery changes through the charge cycle.

Always tune the SSG with a fully charged primary battery and a fully charged secondary battery.

John K.

Yes, again playing with the bulbs. I realized i have to add more resistance with the poti when the bulb is in to achieve the same relation between A-draw and rpm.

I have written by the way an overview over my first 30 days with my Bedini. So no big things in there, but maybe intersting for other beginners, too.

My small Bedini works with 82 Hz right now at the assumed sweet spot. I'm able to draw 800 mA but with some resistance and 380 mA draw it seems to work best and near the state of ZEN.

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