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Thumbs up The Secret to the SG Magnet Positioning

Hi Everyone,

For almost 4 years, we have had the "next step" optimum magnet configuration figured out and it is why Kevin's SG was so efficient...probably more than anyone else posting SG results on the entire internet. There was one other aspect to his motor, which I may discuss very soon but for now, the magnet configuration part is powerful enough for now. For something bigger, just plant the seed in your subconscious mind that there IS an "Ultimate Evolution" of the Bedini battery charging technology.

Please do not think I do not believe in sharing results and helping to advance these technologies because I do and with my limited knowledge and experience with electronics, I have put some tremendous efforts in the last 8 years to simply doing my part in raising awareness on these technologies. When you have a chance to personally learn from John Bedini, Peter Lindemann, Kevin Pirolo and others like them, which are EXTREMELY rare in my opinion, it is life changing and you can't help but to spread the word.

If everyone were standing at least partly behind the scenes with Project1World and the renewable energy project, everyone would see that there is profoundly strong effort being projected into the collective unconscious to help stimulate thinking on these exact technologies and because it worked and you are about to inevitably stumble upon it, we have decided to release it.

Most of the experimenters and engineers that I see posting in this forum are some of the most open-minded that I have seen on any forum in my 8-9 years or so of learning about John Bedini's technologies... I understand that you have to be very open-minded to even look at John's energizers and what I'm going to tell you may be a stretch for some but nevertheless, it is just how it is and people can take it or leave it.

The enhanced magnetic configuration was discovered with


Technical Remote Viewing
What is Technical Remote Viewing? Part 1
What is Technical Remote Viewing? Part 2
What is Technical Remote Viewing? Part 3
Technical Remote Viewing
(this last link may take a few minutes to load but just contemplate the implications of being able to do that)

Technical Remote Viewing Homepage

I had been working with Kevin long distance on some energy projects and one of them was the SG or SSG. Being one of the top Technical Remote Viewers in the world, he worked some targets with his team. Since I was coaching him on the energizers and much of the data didn't make sense to him ... "fighting against each other" "all mixed up" and very SPECIFIC geometrical specifications along with quite a few other details, I interpreted the data, he made the changes/modifications.... 2 very specific ones... the magnet configuration was one ... and it was VERY EFFICIENT!

I'm not saying OU either way as Peter pointed out earlier that it shows up in the batteries in certain conditions and John has even said that in the past so it hasn't really been a secret...just not many people pay attention to those small details.

THERE HAVE BEEN MANY, MANY SMALL DETAILS that both Peter and John have shared with people over the years.

Anyway, I'm making a video right now to put on youtube explaining it perfectly and I would recommend you tell all the SG groups online to come read this thread RIGHT NOW so they can enhance everything they're doing with the SG and all other variations using a rotor (non solid state).

I may yank it as fast as I put it up and YES, I am interested in growing membership at this forum...why wouldn't I be? It is an incredible forum that gives great value to people's lives. I may post a message that only registered members can see so if you're just a guest reading this, go sign up with a real email so you can see it too.

Anyway, I'm off to the video project...


Aaron Murakami

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