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thinking and reality

Scientific Facts are just made up LOL.. so true.. like all the "laws" of physics, etc..., which are nothing more than just conditions that appear to be so based on certain parameters that are perceived. When thinking is so rigid and unbendable that dogma starts to dictate the thinking, the so-called "scientific thinker" has lost touch with reality and has possibly become quite ill.

It has always been unscientific thinking, wild speculation and other "absurd" thinking that has always caused mankind to look for the next thing that we have not yet seen. If we all were stuck in our scientific facts from the beginning, we would be a bunch of naked people running circles in a cave trying to keep warm because there was no proof there was any other way to keep warm! LOL

Of course logic and common sense are useful but a true scientist is as balanced in imagination and speculation as they are in strict logic.

Also, I like how you say that the one with the greater observation wins out! Perfect! Our reality is just a group consensus, which is totally subject to anything we say it is.
Aaron Murakami

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