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your right ren coils are loosly strapped in and the magnet arent as perfectly symetrical as I would like! still playing around with the design but will make a "perfect" one when I know how i want everything to be

the scalar set up you described sounds like a superpole... John is using that on his big motor and have seen some discussion of it on this forum. But what I found curious about johns big energiser was that, although it could run in both directions, he prefered it going in one particular direction... It makes me wonder if his magnets or coils are at an angle. There is definatly some assymetry going on...

I've tried the superpole as well and found that you need to use more magnets for it to be effective... ie. if you normally use a double stack you may need to make a quadruple stack superpole. Other then that it works well.

Another curious thing was when I put the magnets on their sides (so that the north of one magnet faces the south of the next) it worked pretty much just as well as a standard monopole set up...

still playing around but this "assymetrical superpole" seems pretty good. I would be curious to hear anybody elses experiences of magnet positioning...
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