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Day Three!

Hi Again!

Day three of the PC seminar was FILLED with new doors opening up for me. Every seminar is SO different (I've been to three now) in experiences, perceptions, and transformations. With M.E., it becomes evident that the Magick is when we are out of our comfort zone, when we aren't sure what we're 'doing' or perhaps better described as not-doing in the fashion of Carlos Casteneda. When we think we 'know' something, we limit what that situation or idea might mean, thus, if we open the door to it possibly meaning more, or something entirely different - then transformation has room to play in!

The cool thing I have learned about practicing M.E. is that when it is practiced a lot, it starts to become part of our subconscious. This is the road to the facilitator of such a 'system' of transformation BECOMING THE SYSTEM. This then is the place where transformation happens because of your very presence with others or by your focused attention on them without any agenda or particular attachment or need to any specific outcome - as Grace might say: FABULOUS!

Day three had the really cool experience of some of Dr. B's family and colleagues coming out on stage dressed in authentic Star Trek uniforms...and in the semi-dark, with the theme from the Superman movies playing, and with expectation of what would happen next, Dr. B comes out in a very realistic Batman outfit! But if you have ever been to a M.E. seminar or know anything about morphic fields, Dr. B really WAS in a Batman reality!!! It was incredible to observe - I knew it was him because of shape of body, height etc, but he didn't seem like the person - he truly was embodying the morphic field of this comic-book character! Also, using the outfit in 'work' made it a legit tax write-off! LOL The Batman episode was definitely a unique highlight of this seminar!

During a break in the seminar, I was talking with a good friend of mine and a woman came up and asked her to work on her with M.E. The lady who came up looked rather sad and concerned and since it seemed like time for me to move along and give them some privacy, I started to leave but my friend grabbed my arm and told the lady we would BOTH play with her. The woman seemed to notice me standing there for the first time, and after a little concern/surprise, she agreed to it. Now this is the first time I've ever worked with someone else to do M.E. on a third person. But WOW what an experience. I found my friend and I naturally aligned ourselves with a integrated session - intuitively working together and having intuitive information come up simultaneously! Then, it was obvious, the woman was going to drop to the floor so I quickly caught her and gently lay her on the floor where my friend and I continued to play with whatever showed up. The woman's eyes were closed and her body was definitely moving with tremors and other signs of shifting, when all of a sudden her eyes opened and she looked right at me. However, something was different in her look. I began to understand as she addressed me as her son, who had passed away some time previously, and so I just played out the role for her as this was obviously something major she was releasing and transforming with! I shared a state of unconditional love for her. How Privileged and Honoured I felt to help this wonderful soul! This is a very special experience for my friend, this beautiful woman, and myself.

There were MANY other experiences just on this one day - it would take hours to write them all out! One cool thing was how to introduce children to practicing M.E. Children take to the modality VERY easily especially since they do not have all the preconceived notions that adults usually do. They 'get out of the way' so easily! One such way to teach them is to say: "Find a point on something, on your body even, where there is a thing that you want, and then pick a second point where you see yourself getting that thing and then join those two points and think of something else"! This is so simple and easy that any of us can use this, not just children! Since that last seminar, both my children spontaneously began to do two-pointing just from watching me and so I have shared with them the above easy suggestions. Especially my oldest son is very adept at finding 2 points, connecting them and letting it go! I have FELT the wave big-time from him doing this to me! Also, he is very perceptive on feeling what M.E. can feel like - I am blown away!!! What a fantastic, priceless gift to have such a powerful transformational tool as a young person growing up through all the situations of life!

I believe it was this day also, that I got played with by Dr. B as well! This is the first time I was called up during a seminar by him. Normally I had not sat right in the front few rows at the other seminars (where it is more likely you'll get hauled up there lol, though he does lots of roving deeper into the crowd as well) but at this seminar I was right beside the stage so I could carry out my duties as a catcher. He no doubt saw the surprised look on my face as he brought me up there! Now the catcher needed a catcher LOL. The strange thing was that I didn't at first 'feel much' going on. I didn't fall over but I DID notice that after his first few words about what he was noticing with me - something to do with coming through the birth canal stuff lol - that I could no longer make any meaning of what he was saying. I remember hearing speaking noises but it was nonsensical to me! Crazy stuff, but then no one is surprised by this by now, are you???

Ok, enough for Day three, on to Day four!

In Peace,

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