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Yay Sep! I have been waiting to see someone fiddle with magnet positioning. You should try a pure scalar setup, that is place all your magnets so that the north field is squirting out between two faces. Kinda like your single ones are doing against the first of the tripple stack. There is some info on scalar setups around here somewhere but I dont remember anyone testing them?

By the way I meant to mention that when you build a multicoil machine that has slave coils I found that if one wants best performance then one should try to get a perfect alignment of magnet to core. Since yours are all firing at the same time it is possible to have a core firing a fraction too late due to minor misalignment and thus hindering performance. Yours looks pretty good by eye, just thought Id mention it as I think your coils are just strapped in?

I always used to think that the coil fired dead center to a magnet, it wasnt until I did a bit of research and figured out that adjusting the pot effectively adjusts the timing of the pulse after the magnet has passed.
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