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Get ready for a ton of posts haha!

OK! So, I have an incredible amount of life situation things going on but KNOW that I have thought of this thread and ALL OF YOU EVERY DAY!

Sooooo much I've wanted to share as well as answer all the superb questions on M.E.!!!

But FIRST - I'm going to finish the day by day experiences of the last M.E. seminar I was at in December where I received my Practitioners Certification.

Lets get to it!

Day TWO, Saturday December 1st (or Oneth as my oldest son likes to say LOL):

The pre-session PC participants meeting in the morning included fine instructions on how to be PRESENT fully with the seminar guests with nothing more important than attending to THEIR needs to experience M.E. Since M.E. is not about technical knowledge or finite procedures to 'do it', it is absolutely awesome to share with them an energetic experience which can represent them as having 'got it'!

Better than the instructions though, was the Presence that Sharyn and Dave (couple) maintained in silence at the front of the room! As I mentioned in the other post on this seminar - it really was about the personal transformation of each participant for shifts in their own lives - transformation on a big scale!

As I mentioned before, one of my 'jobs' as an Intern was to be a catcher, however I also was part of the larger group of non-interns who would rove around during the practice sessions. Many had assigned areas they were to stay in so that the whole crowd (almost 500 people!) were covered. I wasn't given an assigned area, but rather could rove wherever I wanted which I thought was COOL! (I'm into that freedom stuff, eh ) I was already in 'seminar state' and found myself in a sort of 'dowsing' mindframe where I was just going seemingly aimlessly through the crowd but actually would find the exact right people to assist, or matching up singles standing on their own to be with someone else to practice with - very cool too!

Interesting comment I wrote down in my notes: "Once you're convinced, and they're convinced, its like the universe is convinced and says OK". Even if such convincing about the effectiveness of M.E. is based upon 'useful fictions', THINGS STILL HAPPEN! Makes you start to realize that many if not most of the things we think are SCIENTIFIC FACTS aren't just made up stuff - and in 'fact' lol, the evidence is that consciousness, even that of scientists, contributes to the creation of the so-called 'laws' of this universe, the outcomes of scientific discoveries, and other 'facts'.

A metaphor was described as being the 'creation of a new idea or symbol which takes on a reality of its own when defined by human consciousness' - interesting hmmm? 'At a more subtle level, we could even allow this naming tendency to operate, without accepting the conclusions as final'!

In Matrix Energetics - the modality is based upon the power of Consciousness Observation. If the Observer can indeed affect that which is observed, then what has been found is that the Greater Observation Always Wins Out! Thus, a practitioner of M.E. seeks to be in a different reality and state than the person coming to them with their 'complaint'.

Those were some of the awesome points of the second day. Also, at this time I had the job of being a part of the catcher team for the long list of people coming up to Dr. B after the seminar to have their books signed and pendants charged etc. This was freakin awesome as there was an incredible energetic state around that table. I had to pay attention to keep myself upright as I felt the shifts they were going through! Also, it was fun to track the guests as they stood there getting played with by Dr. B.

Next - Day Three!

In global Transformation,


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