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Originally Posted by ZeropointEnergy View Post

Here is the latest SSG desulfating the trojan L16's

BM3 Spec SSG Charging Trojan 6V 420AH Battery .AVI - YouTube

Hey Dan,

Good to see you here

Yes, it will take a looong time to clean up those Trojans. Did you flush them out first? I've been having good results with a 12V 70Ah battery after draining the electrolyte, flushing it out a couple of times (whilst belting it with a rubber mallet to get all of the loose material out), filtering the electrolyte with a coffee filter bag, putting the electrolyte back in and then topping up with distilled water.

I'm onto cycle #6 and the battery is gaining capacity with each cycle. Another 20 cycles and it should be a half decent battery again.

John K.
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