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Is ASEA's Redox Signaling Molecules Salt Water?

Once in a while, I get an email from someone that hasn't even
done any research and tells me that ASEA is just salt water.

That is without drinking it, tasting it, or doing any research

Here is what ASEA is - it is salt water (sodium chloride and
water) that has been electrolyzed by a highly unique process.

Sodium chloride is split into sodium and chlorine and water
is split into hydrogen and oxgyen. So what do we then have?

We have 4 atoms - sodium, chlorine, hydrogen and oxygen.

Those 4 atoms are then rebuilt into exactly 16 molecules.

8 of these molecules are REACTIVE OXYGEN SPECIES (ROS)
and 8 of these molecules are REDUCED SPECIES (RS)

The ROS include molecules such as h2o2 (hydrogen peroxide),
o3 (ozone), various chlorine derivatives and others. The RS
molecules include various molecules as well. The ROS are positively
charged oxidizers and the RS are negatively charged.

Normally, h2o2, o3, etc... can be toxic but in this balanced form,
it happens to be the only 100% non toxic substance tested in history
that has zero LD50 (toxicity test) reaction. This means there is no
inflammatory reaction from this no matter how much is used while
simultaneously stimulating a protective mechanism (boosting endogenous

This has never been accomplished before because conventional
thinking as taught in school would say it is impossible. It is "supposed"
to be impossible to put those 8 ROS and 8 RS molecules together
in one liquid solution without them neutralizing each other.

You see, what normally happens is that if salt water is electrolyzed,
you will get some peroxides, ozone and other chemicals but they will
simply degrade and neutralize back into plain old salt water.

Dr. Samuelson, the medical atomic physicist, has found a way through
a novel 3 days process to create this 16 molecule combination out
of salt water so that it is stabilized meaning it WILL NOT react and
neutralize itself back into salt water!!!

That IS the most important health science breakthrough of the last
100 years.

So, if you ever hear anyone say it is just salt water, kindly point out
the facts to them or just ask them - "Have you tasted it?" They will
of course tell you no then proceed to tell you why they know it is
salt water without having to taste it or do any research.

Anyway, I go into some details of the 16 different molecules in
the latest edition of my book called Redox Signaling Molecules.
It is not available yet but I will give notice when it is. It is currently
being edited and it may go straight into a paperback so I can't
promise it will be a free download. When my website says, the
free book is available for a limited time only, that isn't a marketing
scheme - it literally means it is available for a limited time only.

Make sure to read some of these documents to answer other
questions about ASEA:
Aaron Murakami

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