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Originally Posted by esaruoho View Post
hi. i've spoken with thrapp now three times, twice by phone and once by skype.

im interested in seeing the videos that they would want to post, but it seems that until someone creates them a pay-per-view streaming website i.e. "donate $$ and see this video, donate $$ and see that video", the majority of their content wont be posted.
Wow, what a dumb answer. The guy seems to be good at blowing smoke up peoples @$$es. There are commercial services that offer this service and have been for years. (I.E. Pay-per-view Ecommerce Streaming Video Solutions from & professional video hosting | & MANY more) Hell, I have built webpages for years and could make a custom platform in a day, but why bother when there are services that only require you to provide videos, and small fees? When people give these types of answers it just..

..Well I better stop before I say something I should not..

I wish to God that I had a working FE device, I would open source it instantly. There would be plenty of way to make good money in consulting, manufacturing, and video selling, ect, ect, ect..
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