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Report after 1 week

Hi All,

As promised, 1 week on from taking Asea 4oz a day.

I am also using eye drops of Asea as recommended by Pamela, thanks. (twice a day also).

The only thing i feel has made a slight difference so far is the drops of Asea to my eyes, as there has been reduced appearances of the said 'floaters'. I do not see them as often, although this could be attributed to the lubrication of the twice daily eye drops!!

The other thing to report, is that Customs & Excise have charged me 20.01 for the import of Asea (though only on 1 box), before they would release my second parcel! Which brought greater laughter to my family as they think i'm mad for paying for water anyhow! Hopefully, time will tell.

Finally, can anyone tell me how long they took it before they noticed any reactions?

I'll be back in 1 week.
Thank you
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