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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Interesting about the bull's testical being removed and regrown. Doesn't surprise me. Yes, that Beck book reference shows similar things. I have a friend (died close to 10 years ago) that regenerated spinal columns, literally.

When you say aging is process of acidification. I'd qualify that by stating that it is because the mitochondria gets destroyed, therefore, the chemistry is out of balance and becomes acidic. So mitochondria gets damaged first, then acidification follows second.

Our own DNA is protected. But mitochondria (the only things in our body
with their own DNA known as mDNA or mtDNA) has naked dna that is not
protected like ours an that is why they are very susceptible to oxidative
The information about the bull comes from the works of Priore. The bull was exposed 9 to 12 hours daily to a special kind of radiation. I also have read something from Lakhovsky that also developed a technique to regrown lost members, but I don't have more information about the last one. As you say, Becker also demonstrated that.

About mithocondria, excellent observation!
if a children follows a very bad diet, eating a lot of acidifying foods, he will still look young. But, after a specific time, the person will start to look old.
Well, I cannot say what comes first, acidification or mithocondria destruction. But look in this way:
First, mithocondria is able to control the acidification of the body, of course. It controls and regulate the oxidative stress of the body throught the electrical inmune system. Since the amount of acids is low and also them electrical charge, mithocondria can fight the acid's electrical instructions using its own electrical information.
One day, the amount of acids increases a lot, that produces high amounts of bad electric signals that attack to the mithocondria. Mithocondria starts to fight but one day it cannot fight more and the deterioration process starts. Since mithocondria regulates the body and just right now it has started to decrease its capacity to regulate the bad electromagnetic signals of the body (acid's electrical signals), the regulation and control of the organism diminish. The effect is the excessive accumulation of acidic waste, the cause is the mithocondria destruction (not 100% destruction, but starting to destroy). From this moment, the body starts to develop imperfect instructions, and the body looks old. All of this is due to the decrease in coherence (increase of disorder) of the electrical system of the body.

To reverse that process you need to reactivate the mithocondria:
1) Giving electron donor substances, like REDOX molecules,
2) Increasing the coherence of the electrical system of the body throught radiations.
3) Move backward the cellular's time reference,

As you say the mithocondria has its own mDNA and you know that DNA can be reprogrammed using electrical energy.

"The most astonishing experiment that was performed by Garjajev’s group is the reprogramming of the DNA codon sequences using modulated laser light. From their discovered grammatical syntax of the DNA language they were able to modulate coherent laser light and even radio waves and add semantics (meaning) to the carrier wave. In this way they were able to reprogram in vivo DNA in living organisms, by using the correct resonant frequencies of DNA. The most impressive discovery made so far is that spoken language can be modulated to the carrier wave with the same reprogramming effect."
So we know that cellular differentiation can be controlled by electricity and also any kind of biological programming or something that has a "bio-code" can be controlled, accelerated, amplified and programmed (and viceversa) using electrical fields. Also disease or aging can be controlled using antioxidant radiation as some works have demonstrated that more than 50 years ago.

Well Aaron, I've thought other thing.....maybe the main cause or aging or disease is an increase of the incoherence of cellular communication. The acids/alkalines are the words, the mithocondria is the mouth who speaks, the text spoken is the meaning.
When the level of alkalines is good, mithocondria has enought words to speak with other parts of the body. When the body produces imcomplete processes it's due to the incomprehension of the body's electrical language. The mithocondria gets incomplete words (because acids reduce the coherence of the language) and the mithocondria speaks bad/incoherent words. The body then, is a jungle where nobody understands what is really happening and the body only understands a few (in the 90 years, the body understand 10% of the instructions because coherence is only 10%).
So, mithocondria is the translator between the chemical and the electrical. Mithocondria receives chemicals and translate it to electrical language. If the chemicals are low quality (saturation of acids) the electrical language is bad and there is an incoherence in the body which it cannot self-regulate its processes. WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the theory seems to be more clear right now!

Thanks to introduce the mithocondria Aaron. I'm also thinking that I read something about the protoplasm..

I've found some information:
The mechanism by which oxidation within the protoplasm of the cell generates the electric charges that operate the cell and the organism we postulate is due to the short wave radiation generated and emitted by oxidation within protoplasm. According to this conception this short wave radiation knocks off electrons. These moving electrons charge up the intricate network of the nervous system as well as the infinitely thin membranes that separate the various units of structure and network within the cells.
the basic theories of the vibratory nature of cellular activity is clearly and thoroughly documented. Lakhovsky hypothesized that every living bit of protoplasm emits radiations. He taught that each cell in the human body emits electromagnetic radiations similar to those from a radio station and that these radiations are of different frequencies, which act and interact, producing the normal functioning of the human body. Disease, on the other hand, was held to be something that interferes or changes these radiations. To overcome disease, therefore, it is only necessary to upgrade or bring these radiations back to their normal pattern. Abrams, although approaching the subject from a different point of view, arrives at almost an identical conclusion.
"I theorize that from the bath of electrical frequencies put out by the multiple wave oscillator each cell individually could and would select that frequency which is most needed to restore its equilibrium. All living cells are composed of two essential elements; the nucleus and the protoplasm in which it is bathed. This nucleus is itself composed of many tubular filaments: the chromosomes. In addition, hundreds of much smaller filaments or chondromes are present in the cytoplasm. Chromosomes and chondromes are sheathed in an insulating substance (cholesterine, resin, fat, plastrin, etc.) and contain a liquid-like serum with the same mineral content as sea water, and consequently a conductor of electricity. Thus, these filaments constitute ultramicroscopic oscillating circuits capable of oscillating electrically over a wide scale of very short wavelengths. I have demonstrated this in my works that these cellular oscillating circuits, chromosomes and chrondromes, vibrate electrically under the stimulus of electromagnetic waves; cosmic, atmospheric and telluric."
The electromagnetic information maybe is produced by the chemoluminiscence and the process of electron donor/electron stealer.
That is easy to see if you put in a glass 2 components and they react. If you put a coil around the glass (acting as an antenna the coil) and then connect it to a radio, maybe you can hear the electromagnetic signals generated by the reaction.
You know that you can send information using light, magnetism, etc... There is a circuit where there is a receiver and a transmitter. The transmitter uses a laser beam in which the information is sent. Using scalars, you make a biocompatible method of bioprogramming.

Maybe the mitochondria differentiates in the same way Becker shown that other cells can differentiate using tiny electrical signals. Changes in that mitochondria differentiation affects the coherence of electrical signals.

As Crile said, oxidation produces radiant energy. Also, hydrogen is very important. Alkaline substances has a bigger negativity, so atracts oxygen molecules. Water also acts as a filter for photoenergy, depending in the water's structure it can modulate the photonic energy produced in the mitochondria.

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