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mood balancing and redox signaling molecules

Originally Posted by petar113507 View Post
Great to hear these stories. I am a tad younger than the rest of these people -- aaron, do you think age will influence the benefits I experience with it? (I.E. the naturally present redox molecules produced by the body at younger age? I'm 21 )

I was recently prescribed ADD medication -- and I don't like the side effects. I was perscribed it for the reason that I think that the college drivel is "noise" to my ears. While the medication has recently chemically forced me to focus, it has some nasty emotionally disruptive side effects for my relationships, and my friendships.

I am hoping that trying this, with my usual spirulina supplementation for a solid month to replace the medication.

Hi Romo,

Not necessarily age but your overall health. If you're physically in good shape the physical results won't be miraculous - you'll have more endurance, better sleep, faster recovery, etc...

Mitochondria production decreases at about 20 - from there it is downhill. Even if you have 100% of all your mitochondria at any age, supplementing with the redox signaling molecules drink will always give you a superior supply for a superior boost in natural antioxidants.

Many people are experienced a balance in their mental life. Mood, focus, concentration, etc...

You can take this then wait 10 minutes and take your spirulina. Now if you can, Klamath Lake Blue Green algae is better. The afa (aphanizomenon flos aquae) is superior. Twice as much chlorophyll per weight, more protein and it has PEA fully assembled. That is phenylethylamine, which is a mood elevating "love" hormone. It it is a good synergy with the redox signaling molecules - I take the AFA myself about 10 minutes after taking the redox signaling molecules myself.

Of course can't encourage you to do anything with your meds but you can always consult your doctor.

I was recently at a medical symposium for redox signaling molecules and found that when the molecules are ingested, there is a balancing function between left and right hemisphere activity - that was one of their first clues that it was moving through the blood-brain barrier.
Aaron Murakami

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