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Gracious Grace - Most Amazing Spirit

Grace, you are so wonderful words can not describe the blessings and hope you offer to all of us here. I love to read this forum and be uplifted especially when I am going through some stuff.
I finally got the courage to ask Grace for her assistance with some issues I have been experiencing - mainly this terrible cough I [had] for the past three weeks and while I was at it I mentioned my blood pressure and some relationship stuff as well. Grace did not hesitate to agree to help me and I was so happy to see her reply almost immediately. She has been working on me these past few days and I can hardly wait to have a phone conversation with her on Friday. I know great things are in store and I am claiming health, abundance and happiness. At first I was hesitant to post here but with her assurance, I trust all will be well as it should.
I, too, join all of you in the corrections for abundance and wealth in all areas of my life.
We are so blessed to have this 'family' of special loves.
Grace, have I said it already - you are amazing ,
Gratitude and blessing all,
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