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Originally Posted by ss1 View Post
Hi, I have now received one of my ASEA cases yesterday, here in England. I see the other is currently awaiting customs clearance.
Thank you to Aaron for all you did to arrange the delivery.

This is a trial of 2 months and has cost approximately 222 inclusive of the shipping.

I am a 58 year old male who is 6' 2" weighing 12stone 6lb, I have a relatively good diet of fresh food and all meats, though not organic or processed. I consume 1/2 to 1 bottle of red wine per night (13%) And i'm a non-smoker.

My hobbies are cycling, fell walking, sailing and DIY which I do on my day off.
I work Monday to Saturday 8:30am til 6:00pm, though not manual, but doesn't leave much leisure time.

Reasons for this trial:
I suffer from Ostioarthristis in both knees and my back (confirmed)
I have Floaters in my eyes and I am always tired.

Dosage: 7am - 2fl oz before cleaning of teeth and fluids (on an empty stomach).
5pm - 2fl oz 1 hour before my evening meal.

Will follow up in 1 weeks time.
same thing here. customs have no idea what it is and they have big trust issues. they should get counselling for that.

the first thing I noticed was my energy levels where returning. I hope you feel the same.

I would like to make one more comment. This what I have done so it just something to consider. I only take it once a day But I take the 4 Oz in one shot. this is what I do
I wake in the morning and eat nothing get dressed and go on the hardest run I can manage, do my weights. Now I am very thirsty and have an empty stomach. my body is crying out for fluid. Now I drink my Asea 4 Oz and I feel
it goes straight to work by midday I am firing on all cylinders. no longer tired fully awake. My thought process is for my OU. Doing My over unity research.
Thanks Aaron for this fantastic drink
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