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Originally Posted by toranarod View Post
i have been taking Asea for 5 weeks now going on 6.
i would like to make a comment one very simple comment. I feel Amazing.
i have been able to do things i thought was passed for me. I am 50 years of age
and am running again every morning before work. i have lost 10 Kg in weight.
because i now have the energy to exercise again. i feel fit and younger again.
Awesome - glad to hear it!

My mother lost 15 pounds already (without exercise - it has just been an
appetite suppressant for her).

Another friend lost 17 pounds in about 1 month. She has been doing
Zoomba (spelling?) - some cardio dance kind of exercise. She didn't lose
any weight and didn't have much endurance. After just a few weeks of
drinking ASEA, she was able to exercise much harder for longer with a lower
heart rate and lost 17 pounds. And without any muscle pain the next day.
Aaron Murakami

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