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Borderland Labs


Those films are classics. Both of them were produced by Borderland Labs. Eric Dollard, Tom Brown and I were all present for both films. I did a number of the explanation sequences in the first film, but stayed behind the camera on the second film. We actually produced three other films. The very first one was titled "Free Energy Research" where we show an amazing array of experimental test set-ups, including my Parametric Transformer generator operating at 120% efficiency, and a variation of Bruce DePalma's N-Machine, producing AC with two brushes on the shaft.

The other two films were never released for sale, but captured some of the most astonishing demonstrations I have ever seen. I had access to the video camera, so I was the cameraman on all the films. One of the events that was filmed was an "open house" where we show many of the other local engineers and physicists in the Santa Barbara area some of Eric's demonstrations. That meeting included Eric Dollard, Bruce DePalma, Tom Brown, Myself, Ed Delvers, Mike Knox, Roger Modjeski, Geoff Cook, and others. When there are that many geniuses in the room, the conversation gets very interesting. The highlight of the afternoon was the demonstration of Eric's "flame speaker" were we played Bach Concertos from the RF discharge of one of his small Tesla Coils. The high fidelity music actually came from the RF spark. No physical speaker mechanisms we involved. When the music was off, the RF discharge made a slight hissing sound. But this was quickly overpowered by the extremely high fidelity music that filled the room when the RF signal was modulated by the audio. Eric's knowledge of Tesla and Radio systems was simply unsurpassed!! All of the equipment demonstrated that day was built by Eric with support from Borderland Labs.

As for the current where-abouts of Eric Dollard, I do not know. I have not seen him since 1992. He has done a few speaking engagements at the San Fransisco Tesla Society in the last few years, so I know he is out there somewhere.

Thanks for asking. It's fun to reminisce about the "good ol' days".