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I totally understand your frustration as you are trying to learn this new stuff. You sound very frustrated and in a hurry... I totally understand where you are as I have been there myself!

I did do a 2 point on you, but not for what you might think... I 2 pointed you for peace and understanding and patience! There are several main things that I see in your posts, and one of the most important is that you are tired and a little overwhelmed! On the forum you will hear a lot of us talking about being in the NOW or just Being! This is very important to learn to do, as it is where you connect with the source! The best way I know how to describe this is to find yourself a time when you will not be interrupted and where it is peaceful (although I can do this with my kids in the other room being kids, so...) I love to call this place the silence, but it does not mean the outer silence it is the inner silence! If there are sirens and people being people and what ever just tune it out! I like to use a circular breathing, but you can use any breathing method you want. Start by relaxing from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet or vice a versa! NOW just observe! Observe your brain chatter, as if separated from it! Just let yourself be there. Don't worry about trying to make it perfect or feel some awesome whatever... Just be there! OBSERVE!!!!! The observation takes away the power from the ego mind and its chatter. As you learn to practice just being then as time goes on you will just be in your daily life!

The second, is NO AGENDAS! God, not only did I hate this lesson, but so did a lot of people as were learned it the hard way! You know the thing I learned about agendas is that my idea of what is of my highest and best... is not nearly as good as what is truly intended for me! Yes you want the hernia to go away! This is your preference, but when you have an agenda... you tend to get so focussed on the agenda that you manifest the opposite of what you want! Let go of the agenda and start to work on just 2 pointing or intending for wholeness in your body! Balance in your body. Completeness in your body! It is hard but try not to speak of what ever it is that you desire to be gone from your life, and if you need to talk about it or ask for help, call it by another name... For instance when my kids have an ear ache they tell me that they have mickey mouse ears! That way I know what part of them needs work, but the universe never hears the traditional label put on it so it does not create more of it! So I tend to call all sickness either just symptoms or yuckies. They are not real, they are just a creation to bring you to a point of where you are ready for another layer removed or a higher level of who you really are. They do feel real, I know that! This is part of the learning.

Now the big thing I see with you... You are sooooo caught up in TRYING! that you are missing the experience! This is about playing and experiencing. You are working way tooo hard! You are fighting against yourself! You are defeating yourself! The 2 point is just sitting or standing or whatever and picking 2 points on yourself or a serogate (pillow, doll, or I like my wallet) then asking yourself open ended questions. Example: What would the first point look like? What would the connection feel like or look like? What would the wave collapsing feel like? What would a whole body feel like and look like? Now we are back to the whole just being there, and experiencing it, playing with it! Back to being in the NOW!

I am not sure how my 2 pointing you to 2 point would help you, because then it would take away your experiencing and playing with it... The whole point of ME is that there are no rules and there is no perfect way... my 2 point may be totally different than yours or Stephens or Brian's or Marnyka's. I think the 2 point is something you can be guided on, but you have find it on your own in your own way. It is kind of like waving a magical wand over my life to zap me out of the shelter into a beautiful home of my own... Well as much as I desire a house of my own... I need the process of learning what I need to learn that then is now manifesting the new home! If it were not for living in the shelter, then I would have never be here talking to you and learning to 2 point, and learning to manifest a fantastic life for myself. I would not walk in peace and joy, and most of all I would not appreciate or have gratitude for anything that is now in my life!

Gratitude is a huge key to manifesting and transforming your life!

Blessings Sallyjane Zartgirl (Maybe not the answer you wanted, but it is the answer that came to me as I was 2pointing you! I have awesome intuition and can see into peoples lives, and you my friend created me to tell you all this... So you have already started to recreate your life!
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