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ahhhh...more of the green stuff

'Materialistic goals are wonderful goals. Money and things have the ability to make you comfortable. You were born with the mental tools to acquire luxury. The more comfortable you are..the more creative you will become. The wealthier you become..the more comfort you can aquire. will not be required to use your precious time or your magnificent mental faculties to seek out the basic requirements which are necessary to survive. will be free to create and execute BIG BEAUTIFUL ideas which will benefit thousands of other people who lack the awareness you have developed'.
Bob Proctor

Pretty cool way to look at money..don't ya think?

Count me in here too Gracie.

What an utterly fabulous idea for generating greater freedom within our lives.

May you continue to prosper dearest friend as you so generously share your wisdom and expertise with us

with love and deepest gratitude
Roz Program Authoring The Human Subconscious

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