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Originally Posted by occy30 View Post
Really?!? Someone needs to give this to some amputees to see what kind of potential is here.

So basically, this stuff gets your body's natural abilities a super boost? Which implies cancer will no longer be an issue, immune diseases will not be a problem, etc...

If true then this stuff is more amazing than implied (and it has been implied to be quite the miracle stuff)
I don't remember his name but he is a long time friend of a lady I work with.

He was up in the air in a bucket and there was a long cord - something
happened and that cord went zipping, wrapped around him, threw him out
of the bucket, cord rebounded and threw him 50 feet into the ground and
killed him. He was dead for 7 minutes and his son gave him CPR and revived

His wife starting giving it to him while he was in the hospital after he was
conscious enough to sip it down so the injury was fresh when he started
taking it. His son found 2 inches of bone from his elbow and other stuff
shredded from his elbow in the jacket like a few weeks later. 2 inches of
bone grew back in his elbow, literally.

Also, he was unable to move his foot because the sciatic nerve was
shredded. Doctor said it takes (can't recall - something like 1.5 years to
regenerate an injury like that) - well, his regenerated in like a couple
months and he has full range of motion in his foot and can walk without

The redox signaling molecules did not regrow bone - it aided the body's
ability to support itself. No medical claims here.

We all know bone can regrow. Many doctors think it is impossible for
osteoporosis to reverse when it can for a fact. I have seen it over and
over for many years. My mother had osteoporosis developing - started
taking the right calcium like MCHC (microcrystalline hydroxyapetite calcium)
and in months, it reversed to the point that the density was back to that
of a 30 year old. Walking or any weight bearing exercise on bones causes
the bone to uptake calcium and with the right calcium available, the bones
will assimilate it and reverse the osteoporosis. This is a bit different from
regrowing the bone from bone that has been completely removed but our
body does have all the information to regrow it and when the body can
communicate properly, it can do amazing things.

But what happened to this guy was a miracle - even though we know the
science behind why - it is still a miracle. He is lucky to be alive. He seemed
to have full range of motion in his elbow as well. I destroyed my left
elbow in the 9th grade and destroyed the nerves and broke the "funny
bone" bundle of nerves connected - that was pure torture. Anyway, had
surgery and they held everything together with pins and I had a cast for
many months. 25-50 times a day, if I curled my arm, it would trigger the
nerves as if I hit my funny bone - that was excruciating. After a while,
my nerves, cartridge, etc... repaired itself - seems his damage was far
worse and healed quicker than mine - and I normally heal pretty quick.
Aaron Murakami

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