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Thanks for advice mbrownn!
The 'resistance required' is what im looking for. I read it's not max. speed of the rotor, it's where resonance occurs, right? At lower ampere draw. If you say put the bulb in if you know the required resistance, obviously i can't find the resonance point with the bulb...

My only idea was to plot the data over each other, to see the relationship between ampere draw, rpm, trigger voltage etc.
It's very interesting for me to analyse the behavior of my machine, but my eyes can't see the right resistance to go for.

I attach the graph and numbers i measured today.
For me the series 4 to 6 look very good (equals 400 to 600 ohm).
Could you or someone else elaborate where the 'sweet spot' is here?
Or what else i have to do to find it?
My initial thoughts seem to be wrong, that you can see the bulb flashing if resonance occurs.


My data graph:

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