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Dollars for Dollard!

Originally Posted by TAURADA NUTAD View Post
Hello from Romania!
I want to donate 50$ to Eric!
How I can to do this?
Greetings Taurada Nutad from Romania!

Easy, go to n6kph : N6KPH

See the messages from Eric himself. Details are within.

There are two basic options:
1, Use Paypal - See messages for email address etc.
2, Send money order (International) to the Lone Pine Post office,

Eric Dollard
c/o General Delivery
Lone Pine, CA 93545

-Go to your local post office and ask how to send money internationally. Hopefully they can help you to do this.

I feel it is important offer support to Mr Dollard, whatever it is, or how much. - He has said in a message, that the money he has received to date has been very much appreciated and has been virtually life-saving.

No need to say anymore..

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