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oxidative stress

Aaron, oxidation stress from MMS is easy to manage

In a study funded by the National Cancer Institute, 20 participants were encouraged to eat 1 to 2 cups of cruciferous vegetables a day. After three weeks, the amount of oxidative stress in their body was measured. Then, after a three-week wash-out period, the study participants were told to take a multivitamin with fiber. Again, the oxidative stress was measured three weeks later.

And the results? Oxidative stress in the subjects' bodies dropped 22% during the period when they were eating lots of cruciferous vegetables. But the change during the multivitamin segment was negligible (0.2%), says lead researcher Jay H. Fowke, PhD, an assistant professor and cancer epidemiologist for the Department of Medicine at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn.

Chop up (the salad dressing will mask the taste)

Carrots (if possible purple also)
brussels sprouts
bok Choy

any sprouts

Salad dressing:

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 lemon juiced
1/4 cup olive oil
3 table spoons of raw organic honey
1 tea spoon of himalayan salt

(Other safe salad dressing -Balsamic vinegar,olive oil and lemon)

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