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immovable hand moves first time in 6 years

Sunday the 4th, a friend, Lawrence who first gave me Stan Meyer and other vids about 10 years ago got a case. He took 1 ounce a day for about 4 days.

He had a stroke 6 years ago and his left arm is swollen like a swelled up sausage. He could only slightly move 2 fingers all those years. When I saw him 4 days later, I could see the skin on his arm was slightly wrinkled - the swelling was already decreased.

He came to a meeting on Saturday (with the founders and atomic medical physicist) - he drank 12 ounces that day, since is was available free sitting back by the water and coffee.

That night, went to sleep without oxygen in the first time in years and he didn't wake up with any kind of panic from not getting enough oxygen.

AND, he woke up with his left hand in a fist! He was able to open and close his hand over and over for the first time in 6 years!

He and his wife went to Peter's to pick up some batteries we were working on for them and he showed this to Peter - he was over the moon.
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