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A Few Thoughts

Hi Jan,

I think that you are probably still trying to analyse everything too much in the moment. First, don't worry abut trying to find the "correct" spots where you feel a sticking motion, as to my way of thinking there are no correct spots to set up for a 2 point.

Try sitting/standing with your eyes closed when you are feeling relaxed or even when you are tired, as sometimes this helps to get the conscious mind more out of the way & begin by asking yourself "If I knew where two spots for the 2 point would be, where would they be?"

Don't analyse it, just let your fingers intuitively find a couple of spots on the surface or surrogate that you are using knowing that anywhere is ok. DO NOT start letting your mind think "I can't find/feel anything". "I wonder if these are the right spots etc". Just go to any 2 places & stay in a relaxed state, accept that those 2 spots are perfect. Then try & visually imagine a connection happening between them. Use whatever works for you eg an arc forming across the 2 points, a curved bridge forming across the 2 points, a piece of string,elastic, a rainbow, whatever comes to mind.

At the same time try asking "If I could feel a connection between the 2 point what would it feel like?" Concentrate on visualising some sort of flow or connection between the 2 points whilst at the same time feeling it. At this stage make it up & pretend that you are doing it if you are still finding this step difficult. Just acknowledge & KNOW that they are connected even if you don't really feel it or believe that it is happening at this stage. GO with the FLOW!

I tend to feel a sinking, dissolving feeling which begins with my head & will flow down to my fingers. So next try asking yourself "What would it feel like if my fingers were dissolving into the surface?" See if you can get to a point where you can just completely relax & let go & feel (imagine that you are feeling) that you have a connection between the 2 points & now your fingers are now beginning to dissolve & merge into the surface you are 2 pointing on & that you are feeling a softening effect.

Once you get to that stage, stay in the state,set your intention & just let go of it.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I never found trying to find the sticking point on surfaces worked for me. I found it easier at first to just try doing it on people. When I work remotely I also don't find that I need to use surrogates I just do it in my head.

In fact, sometimes I've found that a change has occurred for the person even before I've consciously set up the intention to do a 2 point. There is no right or wrong way. This happened when I was having a phone call with my sister a couple of months back. She mentioned in passing that she had had a bad neck for months & couldn't turn it & nothing had seemed to help so I offered to do some ME on her on the phone.

I had literally just begun tuning into her & to told her that I was drawn to the right side of her neck, which she then confirmed to me was the side giving her trouble,when she suddenly interjected in a very surprised voice that the pain was gone & she was now able to move her neck freely. I hadn't consciously even got as far as doing a 2 point, it all only took seconds & she has had no problem with her neck since.

Above all, it just takes practise, not trying too hard & know that any way is the right way for you. Hope that helps in some way, Jan.

Love, Light & Blessings

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