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Quick Overview of What We Know

I asked some specific questions today.

Our contact is an intellectual and wants us to think a little for ourselves.

Anyway, he did say that my enhanced diagram of his diagram was correct.

So, we know the following:
1) Ring electrode is negative and must resonate at 400 Hz to effectively work properly.
2) Beer can electrode is positive and must resonate at 60 Hz to work effectively.
3) We need to have our electrodes housed in a water tank with an inlet for water and an outlet for water.
4) This device is a steam making machine.
5) The water outlet pipe has the ground wire fixed just inside the water outlet tube. (This is important but I don't know why yet.)
6) The most important thing for us is to get the spacing right between the beer can electrode and the steel ring electrode. This is a bit complicated and time consuming if you are just doing trial by error. For efficiency, you should do the math to determine the proper gap and I don't know how to do that yet. My contact says he will figure the gap for us if we pay him. That may be necessary if we are going to get a working boiler. Anyway, the diameter of the beer can is fixed, so we can't change that. We have to change the inside diameter of the steel ring. Anyway, my contact has given us information on the gap be we need to decipher it. It is this:

Contact's Hint:
The voltage of 110 volts COP 12.460 times at 100 degrees Celsius
and 80 is eight times when well done. The distance between the
electrodes should be to calculate because it is not the same as here in
Europe. This is the hardest part to find the frequency of standing
wave current of 60 Hertz.

What We Don't Know:
1) The required gap between the anode electrode and cathode electrode.
(This is a very important aspect we still need to discover.)
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