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ASEA Convention 2011 - part 1

Originally Posted by occy30 View Post
You realize I could just drop dead tomorrow and never know how the increased dosages affected you!!!

Ok - this was the first 2 days of the trip.
ASEA Convention 2011 - Part 1 - Blogs - Redox Signaling Molecules Forum, Articles, Blog and ASEA

Nothing too exciting but the brief tour of the headquarters was really cool.

I averaged 15-20 ounces a day. Make note that before I took the trip, I was in the emergency room 10 days prior because of an injury and I couldn't walk. Right after the hospital - I went to a BBQ then went to a dinner/dance that same night. Didn't dance but was on my feet 4 of the 6 hours I was there. Was supposed to be laid out in bed for a whole week before getting up to walk around. I drank about 15 ounces the day of the injury and the next day when I was in the hospital - super recovery time!

I'll post about all that later.

Anyway, I'll post about the rest of the trip soon.
Aaron Murakami

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