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supplements after ASEA

Originally Posted by Roland View Post
I have recently just gotten interested in getting healthier. I have conclude that ASEA is pretty incredible stuff.
I'm 50 & have never really been health oriented, other than playing soccer & ultimate semi regularly, I don't do much for my health. I have in the past used some supplements to gain weight/mussels, and at times taken somethings to help with ADD.

I would like more energy and better focus. I do plain on juicing once a day. Do you have any other suggestions for other supplements to take along with the ASEA?
Hi Roland,

I'd take ASEA on an empty stomach upon waking. Then wait 10 minutes before eating or drinking anything (or taking other supplements). I'm investigating a few things but I'd recommend liquid ionic trace minerals. Liqumins ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops, Low Sodium, 8-Ounce Bottle: Health & Personal Care

Concentrace is the best - use ionic instead of colloidal, chelated, etc...

Trace mineral deficiency is one of the biggest problems because we don't get them in the normal food supply anymore and it is a panacea on its own. However - because of what I know now - ASEA first then trace minerals.

For about $6/month for those trace minerals at that price on Amazon, hard to beat. That 8oz bottle is about a 3 month supply for 1 person at the full dose, but build up slowly and take it in orange juice or something unless you're ok with with the taste - it is VERY concentrated and is so conductive it will complete an electric circuit.

There are some other supplments worth taking but after ASEA, trace minerals are a must unless all your food comes from mineralized soil.

A multivitamin and fatty acids would be at the top of my list.

Redox Signaling Molecules
Trace Minerals
Fatty Acids
Aaron Murakami

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