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today was extremely cold here, -20f with the wind chill factor. i was nervouse about my jeep starting(parked outside) so i two pointed my starter and battery to work like brand new. i turned the key... it started fine. i said "thank you" in my mind and then drove to the grocery store. when i came back out, the thing would not start.
i called my dad to help me (mechanic for 40 years) and he and i got it to the store. he opened up the battery and simply filled it back up with water... and now the jeep starts like new.

so it took a round about situation to bring the jeeps battery to the condition that i had asked for. i wonder if i had not two pointed in the first place, maybe the jeep would have continued to start in its normal/slow start fashion.

kind of deep huh?

nice to meet you marnyka, i havnt become a super hero... yet.

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