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Hello Everyone,
I also haven't had much time to post lately but am enjoying catching up & reading everyone's experiences.

Hello Isara, I know that I have said "hello" else where on the board to you, but it is great to have you find your way here also!

Marnyka, it sounds as if you are doing fantastically well with your 2 point, especially since you haven't yet attended your first seminar. I had a similar experience to yours with your husband regarding a fever.

Some months ago I did a session on a friend who had a bad sinus infection & cough They had in fact just gone that day to have chest xrays taken as the doctor wanted to check if it was turning to pneumonia.

When I called her she had just gotten up to take her temperature which was over 103 deg & she was feeling so rotten that she was going to go back to bed. As I worked on her with archetypes I suddenly heard her begin taking deep breaths through her nose & I thought to myself that "something must be working because I can hear her breathing & her nose sounds as if it has cleared".

Then all of a sudden she said to me "Sharyn, my temperature has gone down to 101 deg." (She had a thermometer in her mouth which I hadn't realised). So I said to her "Well let's see if it can go down to normal".

I had an image of an old fashioned mini ice truck spontaneously appear. It pulled up next to her & a little man got out with a big block of ice & put it under her feet. At the same time a shower head appeared positioned over her head pouring water. Within a minute she told me that her temperature was back down to normal & that she felt well and was now going to stay up & begin work. The whole process only took several minutes.

I've also found ME very useful for burns. I ME'd myself, including just this week, as I've managed to burn myself twice in recent times.

A few weeks ago I reached across the hot plate on the stove to a pot on the back jet, & caught the underside of my lower arm on the metal lid of the pot in front. The burn really stung & came up in a long welt. I 2 pointed it & within a couple of minutes the pain had disappeared & the welt sank down showing just a red mark on my arm. Next morning when I woke up there was just a pale pink fine line left as if someone had drawn a pencil line on my arm.

This week I was filling a hot water bottle from the electric jug & I was unwisely as it turned out, supporting it against myself as I was screwing in the cork. Unfortunately, part of the rubber had perished & a small opening suddenly appeared in the bottom of the bag & poured the water over my stomach . I received a burn the area of several cms (2 x 2 inches) before I realised what was happening & felt it through my clothes. It was very red & stinging like mad.

I 2 pointed it & the pain went away instantly & the red area shrank to less than half its size & became a pale pink color. So the burn didn't completely disappear but the pain did, so I thought that was a good outcome. I find that it is not as easy to 2 point myself & maintain focus when I am actually experiencing the NOW moment of pain as it is working on someone else!

Love, Light & Blessings,
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