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Mind blowing !!

Just wanted to say that the latest videos from Dr Stiffler are mind blowing, he found a way to get quite a lot of energy from the environment, and this time no one can doubt, because there is NO battery nor large capacitor !!

I wish he could ship boards outside USA like before, because I would order some to show myself for the very first time without any doubt possible, that it's possible to cohere energy from the background with an electronic circuit and no direct energy input, not even to kick start the device !! Just MIND BLOWING !

I imagine that people will be amazed, but it will take some time, because we have been lured so many time by fakers that we don't expect any real circuit will ever be available ... delusion has dulled us ... but I think it's NOW time to WAKE UP !

Thanks a million times Dr Stiffler for keeping at it, and sharing your discoveries. I am sure that History will remember your name !
Together (the tinkers and webmasters here) we will spread the info and show the replications for the world to know about you. Internet will keep traces of your discoveries for a long time, and writers will include your name and devices in their books talking about "free" energy. God bless you and your family Doctor !
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