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Originally Posted by boguslaw View Post
afaik, nobody replicated it. I was also searching for Peter Davey patent application in AU patent office online but they have no online available patents from that period. Sombody from Australia could however check it directly in patent office.
There is a patent somewhere. I think NZ have an office. It is old fashioned,
and looks as if it was presented simply typed on an old typewriter. But it is
to be found.

Patrick covers this in Chapter 14 which says no more than D15.pdf, but I suspect that it might be updated more dependably than D15 when new
info comes in:

I have acquired a number of woks and hope to tune to the fundamental
frequency rather than an octave. The problem with tuning bells is that
there are several frequencies going on at once.

If you end up with two bells tuned, but not to the frequency of your
mains electricity, do not throw them away. At the 2008 UK Free Energy
Conference hosted by Patrick, I proposed using a mic to determine their
frequency, tapping them, feeding the signal to an amplifier and thence
back to the bells. Not an economical way in production, but a way to
show the effect, and a possible way if one is committed to using power
from batteries. To my knowledge, not tried yet, but worth a go.

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