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Flexible Micanite Sheets

Flexible Mica Sheets, which are manufactured from natural Muscovite mica splittings bonded with polyester or silicone resins. These Flexible Mica Sheets possess excellent flexibility and adhesiveness to permit winding or wrapping of the sheets without heating room temperature. Our range of Flexible Mica Sheets can be formed or bent readily to any shape and will not become brittle and stiff. High Flexible Mica Sheets can be applied to unusual configuration without tear.

Our highly durable Flexible Mica Sheets remain flexible at low room temperature, rigid at high temperature, develops increased tenacity and is fully oil resistant. Our range of Flexible Mica Sheets does not react with copper. It has high moisture and heat resistance, high dielectric strength, excellent chemical resistance and electrical insulating properties.


Suitable for F & H Class Insulation

HT motors

Traction Motor Armatures & Generators

High Tension Coils Suitable for upto 11KV

Induction furnace

------ Mica Donut also called Micanite V Cone

this is the National Beijing stadium, just for illustration purpose

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