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Originally Posted by Avatarza View Post
Hi there,

I am so happy to have found you all here! This is a great forum, and it feels like PATHS is definitely a way to go. I just have to post a bit quickly tonight, as I have a dental appt. in the morning, and I'm behind in getting that deep sleep!

That said, I've been doing ME since June 2006, so I've been at some of the seminars various ones of you have been attending. I was in Seattle last June where I completed the Certified Practitioner training (yay!). Then I went to SFO in July, LA in October and Phx in Nov. I am slated to be in San Diego in January. I was one of those Facilitators for those, and I did a noontime seminar on Sundays with the Hands-on-Archetypes..... if anyone passed by and played....

Look forward to seeing some of you at a seminar; if you are coming to San Diego, please introduce yourself to me. I'm easy to find as I am staffing and often sit in the back (minding one of the corners ;.) ).




I am so very happy you have come to this board and also this thread! I wish so much I could devote more time to sharing all of the freakin' awesome stuff about M.E., however, I am packing a lot into every moment of the day with 'work' and raising my two boys.

Nonetheless, I am happy to be able to reply now and say WOW, we have ourselves a real-live Facilitator on the board now!!! Awesome!

I was at that seminar in June in Seattle (the PC one) - it was my first!
Also, as you might have seen from this thread, I also went to Hawaii in August and got level I, II, and freakin' III as well! Then off to Seattle in December for my PC training and certification as well.

I do desire to go to the Vancouver seminar in March as well as the one in Seattle in May - I'm addicted!

Ok, one quick M.E. story out of dozens and dozens I've had! My oldest son (6) had a Xmas play he was a part of. However, he has at times been very shy and so the night of the play, I picked him and his brother up for a quick meal and then back to school for the program. He said in the car that he REALLY didn't want to do it and I could tell he meant it. So I found dropped down, set intention, had two points and did some other M.E. Mumbo Jumbo (u know what i mean ) and 'let go'. We went back to the school... I could already see the shift happening in him. We parted ways as he went to his classroom to get ready and I went to the gym to sit down. After the play started and various things were going on from other schoolkids, he came out with his group and was ALL SMILES. He waved at me over and over and looked SO confident! I am pleased to say that this has not been a one shot deal, as he has been far less shy all these weeks from then until now One story amongst many - I am so grateful for this wonderful gift into our lives!

Again, welcome to the board and to this thread!

In Matrix Magick,

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