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Originally Posted by brenie View Post
Hello Folks, all very interesting. However I think Ash makes a very important point re cost. $200 per month ! For many people it may as well be a $1000 a month! Aaron if your saying cost will drop as it gets accepted elsewhere, the tell me, how much it now costs in USA ?
And if now in Italy how much there ?
I am not on a knocking campaign, but we have to find a way to this too those folk who really need it, and often can't afford these prices.

Regards Bren.
It is not officially in Australia so getting it in Australia is a special circumstance. It is $140 USD ONLY FOR THE SHIPPING 22 pounds (2 cases). Seeing this as the real price is really taking it out of context I believe.

I didn't say it was in Italy yet but will be going there first - as early as October and possibly as late as early 2012.

If you have govt and customs connections where they can rapidly approve
a product and company, get in touch with me. Otherwise, it is a slow
process. They're focused on Italy and the EU for now but will be
obviously expanding after that. These things take time normally.
Aaron Murakami

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