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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Please keep in mind that is when the company is unable to send it direct.

For example, I would have to order it, pay tax and shipping to my location.
Then I would have to turn around and send it with intl shipping on top of that
and that is why the price is higher.

When it is officially in Australia, it will be substantially less expensive. It is
just a matter of time.

It will be in Italy in a couple months! That is the first international
country outside of Canada.

Anyone that wants to be notified about international expansion needs
to join this list: ASEA International
Hello Folks, all very interesting. However I think Ash makes a very important point re cost. $200 per month ! For many people it may as well be a $1000 a month! Aaron if your saying cost will drop as it gets accepted elsewhere, the tell me, how much it now costs in USA ?
And if now in Italy how much there ?
I am not on a knocking campaign, but we have to find a way to this too those folk who really need it, and often can't afford these prices.

Regards Bren.
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