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amazing experience!

Originally Posted by Pamela Vicik-Smith View Post
There was a single mom with two young boys, both born with multiple challenges. One of the boys was born with a broken leg and could not walk properly. He mostly crawled and sort of dragged himself using his elbows. Within a few months of taking Asea, he started to be able to walk, run and play for the first time. In fact, at the receptions he was actually dancing the whole nite!
Hi Pamela,

Thanks for posting about that!

I want everyone to know what happened to that boy that couldn't walk
so they know very clearly what kind of challenge he went through.

When his mom was pregnant with him, the father kicked her in the stomach
so hard that it broke the legs and hip of the unborn baby boy!

He was crippled since birth obviously and has been in a wheelchair his
whole life. He is 7 years old and is about as small as a 4-5 year old.
In his entire life, 5 minutes is the longest he was ever able to stand
on his own. In 3.5 weeks of drinking this, he was able to stand for

5 Minutes to 5 Hours!
This is not just some "supplement" and I hope everyone gets that.

To see the joy in this boys eyes to be dancing all night long with all of us
was a sight to behold. The entertainers were imitating the Rat Pack and
the Sammy David Junior was singing Mr. Bojangles and that little boy was
Mr. Bojangles. He was spinning around on the floor, dancing, and even
doing somersaults! From standing 5 minutes at the longest during his
entire 7 years to this.

When we say that this is helping people get their lives back we mean it, but
for that boy, he is able to have a life that he never knew he had.

His own brother never spoke more than 3 words during an entire month
throughout his whole life. He must have been within 1-2 year of age of
his brother that was born with the broken legs. After a short time, he is
talking so much that they "can't shut him up". I can't say what condition
he has but the number of children that get this are growing at what seems
to be an exponentiation rate. But from 3 words per month to talking
A LOT in just a few weeks - ask any parent in the world what it would
mean to them to have their child in the same condition have a turn around
like that.

Anyway, I literally have tears rolling down my face thinking about what
I saw and who I met this past weekend. These are just 2 boys out of
countless people that came from all over because of what this has done
for them, their family and their friends.

I know with immovable conviction that I made the right decision to risk
everything to back this company and this product. Everything has led
to this for a reason!

Anyone that wants to challenge the reality of what this is about will
meet the same challenge as a naked man trying to climb a wall of ice.

Before, I was already through the roof with my enthusiasm about what
we have our hands on and after this past weekend, the language doesn't
even exist to describe where my heart is at with this.

My moral obligation to spread the word about this to every human being
I know has been increased a hundredfold - there is so much more that I
want to share but I don't even have the words for it.

I do want to share about my personal experience on this trip drinking
15-25 ounces every single day from last Tuesday until this past Monday
but will have to post some of that soon, still catching up from the time
I was gone.
Aaron Murakami

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