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ozone, h2o2 and catalase

Originally Posted by geotron View Post
Ozone is toxic in very small quantities, therefore it is something I would
avoid drinking.

The ionized water technique, breaking down clusters of h2o2 molecules into
smaller groups - good suggestion!
Ozone in small quantities is exactly what our mitochondria produce and is in a perfect balance with the reduced species molecules that activate antioxidants that will neutrailize any oxidation caused by the ozone. It's a perfect system.

The redox signaling molecules supplement - that is also a perfect system and is what makes it 100% non toxic and ultra effective - while containing small amounts ozone.

To break down h2o2 into smaller molecules (water and oxygen), that is the job of the catalase enzyme. This supplement increases the amount of catalase enzyme the body produces - again - part of the perfect system.
Aaron Murakami

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