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I just got back home from the Asea Convention in Vegas and I met a couple of people there from this forum. It is nice to have a face in mind to go with a name

I just have to share some of the first-hand testimonials I heard - stories that could only be called miraculous!

There was a man who had many medical issues. He had not worked in years and in 2010 he was on over 60 prescriptions! He started taking Asea this year and since March 6 has not had a single prescription!

There was a single mom with two young boys, both born with multiple challenges. One of the boys was born with a broken leg and could not walk properly. He mostly crawled and sort of dragged himself using his elbows. Within a few months of taking Asea, he started to be able to walk, run and play for the first time. In fact, at the receptions he was actually dancing the whole nite!

A woman had some sort of growth in her throat for several years making it difficult to talk and impossible to sing (which she used to love to do). She started drinking Asea and about 3 months later she got into a coughing spell one nite. The growth dislodged and she coughed it out. She sang karaoke at the convention.

There was a woman who had a severe degenerative muscular disorder. She rather young, perhaps 40. Her entire left side had become numb from the disease and she stopped talking because it was too painful. After taking Asea she can now walk with the use of a cane and it no longer hurts her to talk. In fact, she also sang at the karaoke party and she said that by next year, she plans on dancing with her husband at the convention.

Les Brown, the great motivational speaker, was there and talked to us. He shared that about 15 or 16 years ago he had prostate cancer. He beat it but it came back last year far worse than the first time. His PSA (or PST, whatever they are called) levels were over 1,500! He heard about Asea from a friend and started taking it. His levels are now less than 1 and he is healthy.

These are just some of the stories I heard and want to share.

Before hearing these, I thought Asea was a good product. Now, I know that it is a great product and there is nothing in the world like it!

As for me, my back issues are still history!

I did a lot of walking at the convention. One day Aaron and I had lunch with a large group of people at the Harley Davidson Cafe across the street from the convention. Although this was across the street, we probably walked at least 3/4 of a mile to get there. We started off at one end of the convention area and had to walk to the other end, down a couple of levels, out to the street and up three flights of steps to a walkway across the street. I was doing fine until I saw the three flights of steps. I thought that I wouldn't be able to climb those and almost told Aaron I would take the elevator instead. However, I didn't want to slow us down so I didn't say anything and decided to at least try. Though I was a tiny bit winded at the top, I did it! And absolutely no back pain at all the entire trip!
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