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Ozone is toxic in very small quantities, therefore it is something I would
avoid drinking.

Hi-pH water, or rather alkaline water seems as though it would be a negotiable
technique due to the way our immune defense mechanisms will only operate
properly in the presence of an alkaline system. I'm glad you brought it up
because there is a lot of research done in this area as it relates to
treatment of cancerous tissue, which thrives in acidic conditions.

Dr Howenstine has written quite a bit on the use of alkaline treatment, and
states there is a much lower incidence of cancer around areas in which the
water supply contains high levels of alkaline mineral deposits.

The ionized water technique, breaking down clusters of h2o2 molecules into
smaller groups - good suggestion! states the benefits of ionized water, including more complete
absorbtion of supplements and nutrition from foods and protection from oxidative
stress, among others.
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