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This is a demonstration model that I built. I am glad I didnt dismantle it for a future project. It is actually designed to be a cap pulser, the third winding I was going to send to bridge. I am still accumulating the parts for the circuit so I just play with what I got. I still learned something new today, and I was amazed at the efficiency of it on 24 volts. I have three or four models in the works, and its never just working on one

By the way that window motor is really easy to build. Even easier than the sg in some respects. You can use neos too. After fiddling around with it I can get it to run off 360ma. I can also bump it into solid state @500ma draw. I found that when a battery gets to the 13.20 mark if it is left turning it slowly increases up and up as can be expected. But if I bump it into solid state it shoots to over 15v in about a minute! I think I'd like to replicate a solidstate setup next after those results.

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