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the Redox is really kicking in Now.
my level of concentration has improved and I am not so tried. I would always have a sleep in the afternoon. the need for that is not there.
The pain in my legs when I would go running has reduced so much I would say its a non event. I can now run faster and go further with out needing the next day off to recover.
You should no I am 50 years old with a titanium hip replacement. and at Christmas I broke my pelvis in three places when I fell of my bike.
there has been a reduction in my ulcer medication I need to only take half of what I was on before. there are other improvments that are personal in nature I cannot mention if you get my drift
all round just feeling better
If this trend continues this will be awesome.
How long will it be before the Redox is affecting the sales of prescription medication. it would not surprise me to see a smear campaign by the drug companies.
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