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this is interesting... and nice!

I recently rewired my circuit and amp draw has practically halfed!

my original circuit I designed to keep it as compact as possible including keeping all the transistors as close as possible (which I thought would improve performance)

as shown:

You see the little huddle in the bottom left corner?

well the amp draw on that was always between 800 - 950 ma (the very lowest it would run at top speed was 750 ma if I fiddled with the pot after it reached top speed)

but seeing as how nearly all other models have their transistors closer to their coils I thought I'd do something different:

the two wires around the circumferance are the primary negative and the secondary positive

and the triangle in the centre is the trigger

both the wires ends around the perimeter are connected so that they are basically a hoop.

anyway... not sure why but the amp draw is now a steady 460 ma... that is a solid sweet spot and no fiddling with the pot can improve that... it is spinning at its highest speed and drawing the lowest amps. adjusting the pot either way increases amps and lowers rpm.

can't explain why this geometry has such an effect...

and a brief update on my batteries...

the gel cell appears to be in mint condition after a single super charge.

the two lead acids are a different story...

tired super charging them once (same as the gel cell) but they didn't hold the charge very well under load...

so seriously super charged those two again. Basically left them boiling for about two days after they reached maximum voltage. but after leaving them for a little while thier resting voltages were 12.93 and 12.98 so still not in good condition.

so supercharged them for another 8 hours and their resting voltages went up to 13.27 and 13.38! this was pretty astonishing since they hadn't increased in voltage after the previous 2 days of charging... so it looks like a rest period (or perhaps a discharge period) is needed when conditioning old batteries....

just started cycling them on the motor to see how well they perform this time...
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