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Originally Posted by the bob View Post
Hi Zilano
In thread #4 post 118 You wrote " I have both in my setup and am fine with output. Am using it for my home. A 10kw unit 220-250 volt 50 hz sine wave. Am happy with it."
Do you have a picture of the unit u run your house on?
Your output transformer winds are wrong. Stepping down 60kv with 100 turns on primary and having 230 turns secondary to get 230 volts out? Not going to happen.
Low turns primary high turns secondary= step up volts.
High turns primary low turns secondary= step down volts.
If you add that 230 volt 60 hz signal to that 25 turn modulator coil on that stepdown output transformer your going to get a lot more then 230 volt output. With the metal rods ( welding rods ) stuck in those coils the 60 hz signal will take over and run the transformer, and it won't matter if its wound cw or ccw. Ya got 25 turns primary 230 turns secondary with large gauge wire.
Like I said if ya got one or two of these power systems running your house,Show a picture of one of the units putting some power. Maybe lighting some light bulbs running a hot plate. After all you say you got 10kw output.
No picture No video then you don't have ONE.
Why would you expect a device that clearly cannot work by normal electrical principles to follow normal electrical formulas?

A Tesla coil does not work by inductive coupling, and neither does this device. The primary to secondary coupling is via an electric field, not a magnetic field, and has more to do with the relative mass of the coils than the than turns ratio. The rest of your argument is pretty much busted after missing this obvious point.

I'd like to see a video too, but given the issues of publicly demonstrating such a device, I can easily understand why he may choose not to. If you don't like what he says, feel free to not be here. If you do stay, please be respectful.
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