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Mr Zilano,

Please check also the attached pict.

• I have this picture of Don’s device long time ago but if you take a closer look to the picture, it’s look like that the circuit you are referring to us has a little difference, please compare.

• About the HV, you mentioned that you’ve made a customized NST and the winding output appears to be 4,000 turns. Did you use partitions on that output or anything?

• Let’s imagine that we just wound only primary coil without secondary. You told that the “Spark Gap” must be connected in parallel with the Primary Coil, do you think the spark gap will still spark if there is no secondary winding?

• You mentioned some danger on using TV flybacks because of its extremely high voltage output. Yes, I am with you but it will happen only if we will use it on the standard supply voltage of TV or Computer flyback’s B+ on the range of 90~115V DC. Do you think it will still give an output of the same if we will just use it on 12VDC?

• Don’s winding coils have no insulations at all, do you think the normal stranded wires with insulation sleeve will work too like TK device that shown in many of his vids that it appears that he is just using a normal household wirings.

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