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If you have watched the doc mentioned in the link provided above (Harvesting Energy From the Sun Using Crystals ), you'd understand the importance of the following statement:
A specific type of quartz crystal known as enhydro quartz works
even more rapidly to structure water
. These crystals contain a
remnant of ancient water that has remained unchanged for eons
inside the crystal. During the formation of these crystals, water
was trapped
. Th is is evidenced by tiny air bubbles in the wateró
formed as the water contracted.
Air bubbles appear to roll inside
a tiny cavity in the crystal as the crystal is shift ed. Th e geometric
structural pattern from the water inside enhydro crystals is
maintained by the crystal and translated easily to water.
Hint: even better than the water found in Venezuela....

a thought i had about the doc:

btw: if the universe is all wave, then what you write/say is too ...think about it (also known as principle of Mentalism )

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