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redox signaling molecules


There are things we would have to talk in private about because I can't
discuss them here.

In any case, anyone in the Vegas area should come down to the convention! Contact me for details.

Things are getting exciting!

On Pubmed, the number of articles on redox signaling just went over

7801: redox signaling - PubMed result
as of right now.

Basically, without taking the redox signaling molecules into consideration...
all other biochemical schools of thought in regards to supplements,
concoctions, etc... are all in vain to a % that is proportionate to the
body's ability to make the redox signaling molecules. Which, decrease
every year because of the number of functioning mitochondria.

A baby has 100% cellular efficiency (all the mitochondria are functioning).

At 70 years of age, it is 10% because 90% of the mitochondria are
damaged or dead.

At 90 years of age, it is 5%.
Aaron Murakami

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