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Originally Posted by MonsieurM View Post
one more variable i would add, is the use of the Solfeggio Harmonics also known as Fibonacci Harmonics (or multiples of these harmonics )

if we consider the 528 Hz frequency has an effect on us humans, which seems the case ;and if we consider a crystal being on the lower scale of vibration than us humans, it is then conceivable that a higher multiple of the 528 hz has an effect on the Crystal (principle of polarity, principle of vibration, principle of correspondence )

Notice that the virus is at the same harmonic resonance as the ultra violet light. I told you that it was the UVA rays that are passing the virus from one quartz container to the other. Here's a scary thought. Imagine a weapon where you take a UV laser pointer and place a deadly Virus, like eboli, contained in a quartz lens and then shoot the UV laser through it, which would carry the virus in the beam, to make people sick. They would never know what hit them. they wouldn't even feel it or know they had been attacked. Sorry, that's bad carma.
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