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Originally Posted by Slider2732 View Post
Just an update on the cell test.
One thing that does affect these, is HV. Running a mini Tesla tower at 8" away from a cell, at 3V, the cells drop as though a small load is on them. Typical results would be a cell with resting readinghs of 0.680V @ 4mA, will drop to 0.674V and the milliamps will keep going down by around .1mA per 5 seconds. The voltage will stay at that new reading.
If the voltage is increased to the tower, the jump down in voltage jumps similarly. At 4.5V, the reading may be 0.668V and sit at that level.
Switch off the tower and both volts and amps climb again. Kinda odd that.

Infra-red from various sources didn't seem to do much...I haven't tried sunlight yet, due to a storm today.
A red laser pointer appeared to have no effect.
I'll try the UV LED's just as soon as I find them
Outstanding and thank you for your interest and tests that you are running. It could be invaluable knowledge. And remember that infrared is the largest of the light spectrum. It could be that the frequency you are shining at it just simply does not resonate and therefore has no effect.

Also with the tesla tower. Remember we are talking about electromagnetic resonance. Try moving the battery to different locations near the tower at different distances and different locations i/e above, below, to the side. The reason you would want to try this is that a magnet has poles and one side repels and the other attracts. And of course the distance from the magnet also plays a factor in the laws of attraction/repelling. Your battery also has poles so keep in mind which end you are pointing toward the tower. It could be that at the right location, distance and direction that the battery will increase in power instead of decrease. I could be wrong but hey it's just a thought.
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